All this means that B2B clients will be able to choose from several payment alternatives, easily manage and pay their invoices online; instantly browse and reorder all prior items; add goods to the cart and send an automatic quote request.

What’s more, this B2B wholesale platform supports headless commerce, i.e. allows to combine the front-end and back-end of an online store. This approach is beneficial for large businesses that need flexibility (design or structure changes due to the emergence of new technologies) and scalability (multiple languages, multiple countries, and multiple currencies). In combination, it guarantees greater personalization across all channels.

How much: For the needs of B2B purposes, a minor version is the Pro Plan. It costs $299.95 per month, with the annual sales limit at $400,000. For those who need a bigger scale, there is the Enterprise Edition. Its cost is available upon request and the limit is negotiable, but you could easily pay over $1000/mo + a revenue-based fee.

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